Work Hard Now – Relax Later

In my day to day job, I interact with fellow employees who complain about the woes of lack of money. They complain about the company, about the manager, about their volume of business. I used to try to offer advice to these people, but advice offered to someone who doesn’t ask for it, often falls on deaf ears.

In my day to day job, I find that the average salespeople , who represent most of our work force, actually try to shame those who work much harder. “Brandon, you’re working too hard, you’re not enjoying life.”” Do you think you’re better than everyone else?” “What do you have to prove? ”

Here are my truths:

Because I work hard, I am happier. I make better money, I increase my marketability and my reputation. I become an influencer and a trusted advisor. I gain invaluable experience in negotiation. For every 1 negotiation they take part in, I take part in 20. If we extrapolate that over 10 years, who gains more experience?

The more we give of ourselves today with average returns, the less we have to give tomorrow, with above average returns. Establish your foundation, and work tirelessly, and you will be rewarded. Don’t listen to average.




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