Sell to people who want to buy your product

One thing that has come across my mind lately is selling to people who want to buy your product. This may seem pretty obvious, but many sales people hustle, and grind and get nowhere. Sometimes they are trying to sell a product, to a demographic that wont purchase the product. Are you going to sell Duck Dynasty T-shirts on Fashion Boulevard in Paris? Probably not! Are you going to try to sell pork chops to a vegan community? Probably not!

Think about whether or not your product is suitable for your demographic. Think about the financial aspect, think about the practical and business aspects, think about all avenues and angles before you try to sell a product to someone who doesn’t want to purchase it.

How do we maximize our sales with the people who are interested in purchasing our products?

  1. Don’t pitch – Sales pitches are for the birds. People are so inundated with sales pitches that the second your start reciting your line, red flags shoot up everywhere! Be real with these people. That all they want. Listen to their concerns, ask questions, and pair needs with solutions.
  2. Don’t talk about yourself – Don’t talk about yourself unless the customer asks you questions. Keep the focus on the customer. Ask them questions! When you force your customer to talk, they more quickly get comfortable with the situation. questions are ice breakers, and serve to make your customer’s guard come down more quickly.
  3. Don’t bring up your product – Sounds funny right? Don’t bring up your product? If your customer knows who you are, and why you’re there, your purpose for the visit will come up eventually, but let it come from their mouth and not yours. It’s a difficult skill for a sales person to learn. Guiding the customer to ask the right questions, instead of your forcing the questions, makes things feel much more genuine on the customers end. Something as simple as having a product out on your desk in a retail environment, with plenty of information displayed. You don’t have to bring up the product, but the customer will ask


BE YOURSELF! Look to actually start a relationship with your customer, and don’t be quick to sell. The sales part is a biproduct of the relationship part.

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